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The City of ZAPpersville, home of The Zed infection that has caused 6/8 of its people to become zombies. Happy stand the 1% that know that there is a 1% that can protect them from the outstanding number of zombie cancer around them, these brave Heroes are know as Z.A.P. The Zombie Annihilator Patrol.

    Im ZAP Director Pete K Darkness and i am a lvl 85 medic calling to arms id ZAP. Our Motto "We are here to cure zombie cancer one bullet at a time." ZAP is a Army/Marine role-playing clan guild. 1st point is Respect to all members, being kind and helping other players in need when possible.   
    Joining is easy, Click on the "Join Z.A.P." tab and fill in the following: Kongregate or Ninja Kiwi ID, class and lvl, if already a ZAP member then add your ZAP Z-rank. After that play SAS 4 and attend to a call of arms to id ZAP. the more you play and also by the way you carry yourself you'll get promoted. Promotions are posted daily on our facebook page. If you have Facebook like us and follow so you can see and be able to remind yourself at what rank you are.

    This is the Link to the facebook page (It is also on Tab titled Z.A.P. on Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZAP-The-Zombie-Annihilator-Patrol/612031382259069

ZAP you later!!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Pete K Darkness
  Chief Director 5 Star  Star Gen.
            of ZAP Clan Guild


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Zombie Annihilator Patrol