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One out of many Rules that shall be put here is this:

1) Only Z.A.P. Members with Rank over Z-4 can open and Promote id: ZAP Rooms.

2) Hacking this game is not allowed in this Brotherhood. Hackers caught will be banned.

3) Outragous out burst in the Chat like swearing (and or cursing), Racism, and Bullying is not the way of a gentleman and shall not be over seen. Getting caught will result in Warnings and then demotion. After 3 demotions you banned from the Clan Guild.

4) Since we are now over 150 members, We the members of ZAP that our in Kongregate will unite at CH5 (Chat Room 5). This Chat room will be are fort. For meetings.

5) Expect haters to hate and bother us, but we ignore or mute them. We will not allow outsiders to distract us from our daily mission. 


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Zombie Annihilator Patrol